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Post by tonybazen on Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:07 pm

My name is Tony Bazen, and I am a first year teacher at Huijia. I teach grade 10 and grade 11 History and also teach Theory of Knowledge. I have always loved history, and I am really enjoying teaching in China. My grade 10 history class is awesome! There are 5 of these students that are participating in this project, but I wish you could meet the entire class.

You may wonder how a small town boy from North Carolina ended up teaching across the globe in the world's 3rd largest city. Let me explain.

During my senior year at North Carolina State University, I made a major decision that changed the course of my life. I had planned to graduate with a Business Administration degree and had already been offered a job with a great starting salary after my graduation. Shortly before the start of my last semester, I came to the realization that there was more to life than just money.

I wanted to do something with my life to really make a difference in the lives of others. I was from a broken home, and there were several teachers that I had in middle and high school that really impacted my life. I wanted to help youth the way that these teachers had helped me.

This summarizes the Why of my desire to teach. What about the Where? Why Asia? Why China?

Twelve years ago I traveled to the Philippines to conduct a basketball camp. While there I fell in love with Asian culture.  I have since traveled to Asia 10 times, with each successive trip reaffirming my desire to move to this part of the world.

I am fascinated by China. Its rich heritage, industrious citizenry, and desire for excellence in all facets of life drew me like a magnet here. China is truly an amazing place. I hope that through this collaborative project friendships can be formed and that we can learn from each other.

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