Thematic Connection and What didn't happen next?

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Thematic Connection and What didn't happen next?

Post by sdcrake on Fri May 12, 2017 2:58 am

Hi Everyone,

Those of you from Park Tudor may have looking at thematic connection. Our first two sessions at Huijia have looked at this topic and considered possible approaches to this. We considered how one aspect that features in different periods in History can connect together e.g. the Church, and the role of the Church in the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance e.g. the Reformation. We also considered the role that religion plays in society e.g. the values of a religion influencing the laws of that land. How has the role of religion in society evolved over different periods of time as time has gone by?

Another topic that could be interesting is the question of 'What if...?'. History is full of what ifs, and by considering what could have been and the course History could have taken is often an interesting thing to consider. Considering what if, or what didn't happen next can also help us to better understand why what DID happen happened. For example, what if the Treaty of Versailles hadn't been so harsh on Germany in 1919/ Would there have been any Adolf Hitler or any Nazi Party? Would Churchill have become such a big name in History? Might there have been any WW2? What course could History have taken if the Treaty of Versailles had been less harsh on Germany, and what could we have been reading in the History textbooks instead of WW2? You could ask the same about the Reformation What would the Church have been like now if Henry VIII had been able to produce a son with his first wife and not divorced her (the reason for which he set up hos own Church of England after the Pope wouldn't allow a divorce? All sorts of possibilities may come to mind...

I don't know if this is something to consider as a topic to explore, but certainly when we consider what could have been if, that can gve us a better idea of what was when and why e.g. Hitler may not ever have come to prominence if the Treaty of Versailles hadn't been so harsh on Germany, so we can know from that that the Treaty of Versailles was a part of why Hitler DID come to prominence, and even became Chancellor of Germany, and later Germany's undisputed leader. The rest, as they say, is History!

Steven Crake
Head of History and TOK Coordinator - Upper Secondary School, Beijing Huijia Private School


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